Who knows Henrik Pavelski ?

Henrik Pavelski is a rootless man, living in Sweden, trying to find his jewish roots.  
His first memory of the war is beeing in a room, where someone is preventing him from standing near the window.

Later he found himself with Nuns at:

Siostry Urszulanki w Lodzi, Ulica Czerwona nr/6

The Nuns told him that was found & brought to them as a baby by a woman named Dobrowolska .
He got his present name on 1939. Nuns told him that his parents died in death camp.

It has been years that he is trying to locate his jewish roots in Lodz because:

1. On 1961 visiting canada with dancing group Mazowzse, ajewish person named Diament asked him if he, or
someone of his family stayed in Lodz Ghetto.

2. On 1965 Proph. Yadviga Mierzejewska asked him if he had a brother who immigrated to Israel on 1956.

3. On 1971 a man named Weinberg who lived in Malme Sweden asked him if he lived in Lodz Ghetto.

4. On 1998  a man named David Tiger who lived in Malme Sweden asked him if he lived in Lodz Ghetto.

Mr. Henrik Pavelski asks your help to find his roots.

Some photos of his youth:


His address :

  Henrik Pawelski
  Ribenvegen. 1.A
  217 46 Malmo

   e-mail artimpex    artimpex@telia.com

You can also call:

Lea Balinet manager of "children without identification" department
phone: 02 - 6413998


Asher Ud
p.o.b 3084 Jerusalem 91035
phone: 054 - 4674532
phone: 02 - 6482690
fax: 077 - 6482690

e-mail:  anshel@012.net.il 


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