E-mails & phones to assist you to locae family - relations

Auschwitz Museum
Write in English - thy answer in Polish.
They response quickly.
Phone:  0048-33-8432022

Rabbi Dawid Szychowski Office from the Jewish Community in Lodz.

website:,  www.kehilalodz.com

e-mail address: biurogmina@kehilalodz.com

Simcha Keler - former head of jewish comunity in Lodz .
Phone:   0048-42-6320427
Lauder institute - family search department .
Talk to Ania
Lodz archive
Talk to Elisabeta. It takes time & payment to get answers.
Phone: 0048-42-6320202
Arolsen museum in Germany.
They have a huge data bank (so they say), but it take about 8 weeks to get an answer.
You have to fill forms & send by fax & internet.
Zionist archiv in Israel
Talk to Sandrin of family search department. Need to pay.
Phone: 02-6204821

The informatin was recieved thanks to Vered Shumlak of Gelbard family.


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