14.7.2022 - You are invited to the 78th  Anniversary of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto Liquidation and 80th Anniversary of the Great Szpera commemorations. The main commemorations will take place on the 29th of August 2022.

23.8.2020 -invitation to the commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of the Liquidation of the Litzmannstadt Ghetto

20.4.2020 - the story of Natan Spigel

16.12.2019 - the story of Mordechai Glasman

20.12.2018 - To the page "Cleaning the Cemetery in Lodz" was added a video clip

14.10.2018 - Cleaning the Jewish cemetery in Lodz by a group of volunteers.

1.4.2017 - new address to Jewish comunity in Lodz

25.08.2015 - intergenerational meeting will be held at Einav Cultural Center of Tel Aviv on Sunday, 11.08.2015
Meeting friends from 18:00
The program starts at 19:00
Tickets at NIS 75 can be ordered at the secretariat of the organization. See you!

19.08.2015 - Join us on Facebook

22.12.2014 -Chanukah miracle - Family reunion with the help of out web-site. Read more

On "Links" we added information how to locate family relations

Lodz decendents of Israel wars The "200 years of Lodz Jews" exhibition Photos of 15,000 signatures of pupils at Lodz Ghetto are in the office. Please come to identify your signature.

Who knows Henrik Pavelski?


The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel is a non-profit organization that had been registered in Israel at 24 June 1996, and whose Registration Number is 58-028545-0.
In reality, the Organization began operating shortly after the end of WWII. There are many active members in the Organization, survivors and second and third generation children of Holocaust survivors, whose activity in and dedication to the Organization ensures that the Jewish community of Lodz shall never be forgotten, and its legacy will be passed-on to future generations. This Website is part of the commemoration efforts.
The activity of the Organization is carried out entirely by volunteers and is funded by membership fees and donations. The Association is not supported by any formal body or institution.
In the Gallery you will find numerous photos, mostly from the Ghetto and from the commemoration activities today. The photos were provided by the courtesy of the State Archive in Lodz, Poland, to which all the rights are reserved. No copying or any given use of the photos is permitted without the consent of the State Archive.
The Chapter of Testimonies is dedicated to personal stories and we will be happy to receive from you any testimony, notes, experiences and photos, and shall do our best to publish them.
The offices of the Organization, located at Tel-aviv, 55 Hamasger str.
floor - "Merkaz Hairgunim" Tel Aviv
We are open to the public every day between 09:00 to 12:00 .
Tel: 03 - 5241833
Fax: 03 - 5248137
E-mail :

First, Second and Third Generations
We are now in a historical turning-point, in terms of molding the memory and commemoration of the communities in general and the Lodz community in particular. A time where the responsibility for the commemoration and bequeathal of the story is being more and more transmitted to the second and third generations. The responsibility and the manner in which these generations will act will ultimately mold and determine the nature and intensity of the Community's memory.
The Association of Lodz Jews in Israel beckons all members of the Community and their second and third generation descendants to take an active part in the work.
The Website now enables electronic registration and we are currently preparing a database that includes an email address and a more fluent capacity to contact members of Lodz community.
Furthermore, the Organization is in desperate need of monetary support. Activities that are taking place both in Israel and in Poland, the website, the annual convention of the Community's descendants and the recent educational project that recruits school pupils to accompany the family's of Lodz descendants in their story – all these require financial resources. We ask of anyone who can help to do so.
Searching for names – we want to prepare the most comprehensive list possible of Lodz descendants over the generations. Please register in the Website and summon your friends to do so too. This is the time for realizing our right to establish these lists.



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